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Family Photos Pictures added 3/15/2005
          Lynette and Dave's Trip to Japan Added 1/23/2005
          Lynette and Dave's Wedding Added 1/23/2005
          Kaelyn and Brian Kaelyn's Easter Pictures added 3/15/2005
          Thomas in Qatar Added 3/6/2005
          Onnsen Trip Added 3/6/2005
          Lynette and Dave's Honeymoon Cruise Added 3/15/2005
Japan DRC Japan Link added 5/5/2005
Links Links updated 11/3/2008
NAVCOMMSTA Japan Page added 4/2/2005
          Peacock Beach Party Added 4/2/2005
          Miscellaneous Photos Added 4/2/2005
          Suntory Snack Peacock Added 4/2/2005
          Gerry and Chako's Wedding Reception Added 4/2/2005
          Kyoto Trip      Pictures added 12/14/2006
          Tokyo Wan Hotel Added 7/5/2006
          Other Parties Pictures added 1/10/2010

          Graz and Ritsuko's & Dave and Tomoko's

                          Wedding Reception

Added 10/24/2007
Pictures Pictures added 2/24/2005
          St. Patty's Day 2002 New Format 3/2/2005
          John and Kay's Sayonara Party New Format 3/2/2005
          Tommy's Last Night New Format 3/2/2005
          Tommy's Sayonara Party New Format 3/2/2005
          Graz, Clay and Tommy in North Carolina New Format 3/2/2005
          Casablanca C5RA Party New Format 3/2/2005
          Bounenkai New Format 3/2/2005
          Pics from Tom Shrader Picture added 3/5/2005
          SRF C4I Division at the CPO Club Page added 4/6/2005
          Natsu Basho Party Pictures added 6/2/2005
          Tom and Kayoko's 35th Anniversary Page added 5/27/2005
          Craig Meyers Visit Page added 6/18/2005
          July 4, 2005 Page added 7/4/2005
           Rick Farris Visit Picture added 8/2/2005
           SRF CPOA Party Page added 8/21/2005
           Ken Wright's Sayonara Party Page added 8/28/2005
           Labor Day at Jake's Page added 9/15/2005
           Aki Basho Party Pictures Page added 9/24/2005
           Country Gold 2005 Page added 10/23/2005
           SRF Christmas Party Page added 12/22/2005
           Christmas Dinner CPO Club Page added 12/26/2005
           Hatsu Basho Party Pictures Page added 1/18/2006
          Tomi Fujiyama returns to Yokosuka Page added 1/31/2006
          TJ DePalma's Retirement Luncheon Page added 2/13/2006
          Tom and Ang Middleton's Sayonara Party  Page added 3/4/2006
          St. Patty's Day 2006 Page added 3/22/2006
          Dinner at Yoro no Taki Page added 4/12/2006
          Natsu Basho 2006 Party Pictures Page added 5/24/2006
          States Trip Photos Page added 7/5/2006
          July 4, 2006 Page added 8/3/2006
          Aki Basho 2006 Party Pictures Page added 10/25/2006
          Christmas Dinner at the CPO Club Page added 1/3/2007
          SRF Christmas Party 2006 Page added 1/8/2007
          CPO Club Friday Night Page added 1/8/2007
          Hatsu Basho 2007 Party Pictures Page added 2/1/2007
          SRF CPOA Shinnenkai Page added 2/19/2007
          Bob Green's Retirement Pictures added 6/19/2007
          Natsu Basho 2007 Party Pictures Page added 6/19/2007
          Aki Basho 2007 Party Pictures Page added 10/7/2007
          Pictures From Jun and Betty Pablo Page added 10/7/2007
          CPO Club Leinenkugels Friday Page added 10/27/2007
          Country Gold 2007 Page added 10/29/2007
          Thanksgiving 2007 Page added 11/24/2007
          Singapore Trip Page added 3/2/2008
          Hatsu Basho 2008 Party Pictures Page added 3/2/2008
          SRF Christmas Party 2007 Page added 3/2/2008

          Natsu Basho 2008 Party Pictures

Page added 6/8/2008

          Aki Basho 2008 Party Pictures

Page added 11/3/2008
          Subic Trip Page added 11/11/2008
          Thanksgiving 2008 Page added 12/15/2008
          SRF Christmas Party 2008 Page added 12/26/2008
          Christmas Dinner 2008 Page added 12/26/2008
          C191 C242 Curry Party Page added 2/21/2009
          Hatsu Basho 2009 Party Pictures Page added 2/21/2009
          Singapore Trip 2009 Page added 2/21/2009
          John and Kay's Sayonara Party 2009 Page added 4/18/2009
          Aki Basho 2009 Party Pictures Page added 11/11/2009
          Thanksgiving 2009 Page added 12/3/2009
          Hatsu Basho 2010 Party Pictures  Page added 4/28/2010
          Singapore Thailand Trip Page added 4/28/2010
          Mark Larned's Sayonara Party Page added 5/16/2010
          SRF Bon Odori Page added 8/10/2010
          Tim Anderson's Sayonara Party Page added 8/10/2010
          Aki Basho 2010 Party Pictures Page added 10/17/2010
          CPO Club Reopening Page added 12/1/2010
          Thanksgiving 2010 Page added 12/8/2010
          Hatsu Basho 2011 Party Pictures Page added 9/20/2011
          Aki Basho 2011 Party Pictures Page added 9/21/2011
Politics Links added 12/8/2010
          Ronald Reagan Quotes added 12/02/2004

          Ben Stein's Last Column

Added 10/28/2004
          Bring it on John Added 10/28/2004
          A Hero in Fallujah Added 10/28/2004

          Jack Gell

Added 10/28/2004
Sasebo Japan Shooter's Homepage Link added 1/19/2007
          Early Sasebo Picture added 5/12/2005
          Shooter's Shot Bar Shooter's Homepage Link added 1/19/2007
          After 5 Updated 11/3/2008
          Sasebo Today Added 9/10/2005
          More Early Sasebo Added 10/25/2006
Shipmates Pictures added 1/3/2005
          BM1 Jack Bove List of Jack's Ships and a Bove quote added 6/23/2005
                     Birthday Party Pictures Added 12/8/2004
                     Jack's 85th Birthday Added 3/30/2005
                     Jack's 86th Birthday Added 4/2/2006
                     Jack's 87th Birthday Added 2/26/2007
                     Jack's 88th Birthday Added 4/7/2008
          Departed Shipmates Updated 5/6/2008
                     Jim Forsythe Pictures Page added 1/15/2006
                      Mr. Mac's Memorial Page Page updated 8/19/2010
                      Mac McCormick's Memorial Page Page added 9/25/2010
          Caught on Camera Page added 1/19/2005
          BMCS Gene Carrier's Retirement Page added 2/28/2005
Sumo Sumo Reference Link added 7/22/2007
          Hatsu Basho Added 2/8/2005
          Natsu Basho Added 6/2/2005
Thematic Junk Videos added 2/19/2007
U.S. Navy Destroyers On Line Link added 5/7/2005

          Navy Then and Now

Added 10/28/2004
          Court is Adjourned Added 10/28/2004
          Why I Love the Navy          Added 3/30/2005

          A Chief's Revenge

Added 3/30/2005
          The Seabag Added 4/2/2005
          Why a Ship is Called a She Added 6/13/2005
          Chief Petty Officers Added 6/18/2005

          The Post War Chief Petty Officer

Added 5/7/2009
USS Elliot SINKEX info added 11/24/2005
Yokosuka Japan Links Updated 8/31/2008
Yokosuka Then and Now Picture added 2/12/2005
          CPO Club Updated 9/7/2006

          Main Gate and Club A

Main Gate Pictures added 5/28/2005
          Base Pictures Pictures added 3/20/2005
          Honcho Pictures Pictures added 9/18/2005
          Yokosuka 1957-59 Main Gate Pictures added 5/28/2005
          Homeported Ships USS George Washington added 8/31/2008
          Yokosuka City of Sin Added 9/15/2005
          Yokosuka 1969-71          Added 11/18/2006


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