Country Gold 2005


Ritsuko and I went down to Kumamoto in Kyushu for the Country Gold Music Festival hosted by Charlie Nagatani.  The Festival is held every year at Aspecta outdoor amphitheater near Mount Aso.  The show featured Charlie Nagatani the Cannon Balls, Trick Pony, Stonewall Jackson and 13 year old Banjo Player Ryan Holladay, among others.


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Eye Candy




Balloon Rides




General Custer was there




Trick Pony on Stage




Charlie Nagatani on Stage




Stonewall Jackson




More Eye Candy




Everyone had a Cowboy Hat




And More Eye Candy




Crowd Scene




Jerry Selph, Bill Cloonan,

Steve Marion and

Bones Carlson




The Girls from the Westerner

in Sasebo showed up




13 Year Old Ryan Holladay




Crowd View




Graz, Jerry Selph, Bill Cloonan,

Keri, and Steve Marion




Group from Sasebo



Charlie Nagatani's Bar

Good Time Charlie's




2 Members of Trick Pony

jam with Charlie's Band




Bill Cloonan, Bob Ewing and

Steve Marion




Ritsuko and Friends




Ritsuko and Friends with

Keith Burns of Trick Pony




Trick Pony at Charlie's




Bones Carlson




Ritsuko and Ira Dean

of Trick Pony




Keith Burns shaking hands

with the crowd at Charlie's




Graz with the boys from Sasebo

at Charlie's




Steve Marion and Keri




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