Aki Basho 2006

Party Pictures

Found an Izakaya that may be the new home for

our after Sumo Parties.  Smaller group this time,

the Japanese couple is MCPO Saga and his wife.

 He was the first MCPON of the JMSDF and 

has recently retired.




Movie of the final bout on Day 14.

Asashoryu versus Chiyotaikai.

(Click on above Link to watch.)


















The Japanese Gentleman in

the two center pictures is an

imitator of the Japanese actor

Atsumi Kiyoshi also known as

Tora san in the "Otoko wa

Tsurai Yo" movie series which

holds the Guinness World Book

of Records as the longest

running movie series in the









The below six pictures are

some of the top ranked

Wrestlers arriving.





























































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