Bar After 5  Pictures

When while TAD to Sasebo the After 5 was a regular hang

out for MOTU Seven and FTSCPAC in the past and SRF

Combat Systems C4I Division today.  The After 5 was

originally owned and operated by Minako Owada who passed

away from cancer in the fall of 2002, her companion,

Nakamura san, now runs the bar.












Minako's Hours




MOTU Seven at the After 5

circa 1992.  L-R George Quinata

Duane Wong, Kay Ikeda,

Jim Graslie, Minako, Dave Frank,

and Fred Buckley.




The After 5 was remodeled

in the late '90's.  This picture

was taken in August 2005.

L-R Ed Mitchell, Nakamura san,

Chris Milne and Bob Abeyta.



Taken during my trip August 2008














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