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 Bud Light 51




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FOX Sports 1

FOX Sports 2

FOX Sports 3

Bud Light 49

Bud Light 50

Bud Light 51

Captain Morgan's Rum

Why Women Love Us

The Fruitcake Lady 5

Microwave of Death

Trunk Monkey 6

The Kid From Brooklyn

Domino Pool Final

A Couple in Love


Limbaugh Laws

When Life Hands You Lemons

Hyundai Commercial

Toyota Ad


I'm Her Daddy

A Big Deck

Ma and Pa Kettle Math

Man in Line

Bud Light 46

Bud Light 47

Bud Light 48

White House Easter Event

Tits for Tots

Getting Dumped


Graz's Top Picks


Captain Morgan's Rum

Captain Morgan's Rum

Why Women Love Us

Domino Pool Final

Limbaugh Laws

A Couple in Love

When Life Hands You Lemons

Toyota Ad

I'm her Daddy

White House Easter Event

Getting Dumped

Ma and Pa Kettle Math

Topless Car Wash

Ketchup Effect

Ketchup Effect


German Coast Guard

Great Commercial

That Killed Him

Put on Your Glasses

Fighter Pilots

Mark Seavey


Pool Player

Grandpa Japan

Hogan's Heroes

Scratch Lotto

Too Many Sweets

The Best Movie Line Ever

Lifeguard Toilet Break

Need New Underwear

Singapore Navy Ad

Third World Bomb Squad


Helpful Kids

Lifetime Guarantee

One of the Guys

Glow in the Dark Condoms


Chip Shot

Technical Virgin

Mexican Mondays

A Humdinger

The Cow

The World's Smartest Man

The Morning After

Old Fart at Work

Deep Throat

Fruit Flavored Condoms

The Dildo Song

Scottish DUI Test

Toyota Aircon Rocks

Ballman on the Piano

Blind Date

Two Minute Soup

Cold Bastard

Hi Jack

Pay up Red Sox Fans

Learn English


Shepard Smith

Honda Commercial

There are no Computer Graphics.

It took 606 takes to make.

Read about the Commercial

Japan Scam

Japan Calls Osama

Glass Door

Korean TV Commercial

Clinton Voodoo

Chimps on Penguins

Cement Prize

T-Shirt Folding

Coat Commercial

Allstate Insurance

Never Volunteer

Indecent Proposal

The World's Smartest Man

Dewalt Tools

FEDEX Commercial

Fox Sports

Need Condoms?

Loving Husband

Nice What?

Tide Commercial


Miller Light, Bud Light and other Beer Commercials


The Fox Hat

Invisible Fence

Fidel Beer

Judging Beaver

Real or Plastic

Fosters Beer 2

Miller Lite 1

Miller Lite 2

Miller Lite 3

Bud Light 1

Bud Light 2

Bud Light 3

Bud Light 4

Bud Light 5

Bud Light 6

Bud Light 7

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Bud Light 40

Bud Light 41

Bud Light 42

Bud Light 43

Bud Light 44

Bud Light 45

Bud Light 46

Bud Light 47

Bud Light 48

Bud Light 49

Bud Light 50

Bud Light 51

Cold Filtered MGD


Fosters Beer

Arrowhead Beer

Bottle Opener

Hahn Lite Beer

That's my Beer


Tooheys Beer

Power of Beer

Chasing Beaver

Tits and Ass Beer


Beer Boy, Fruitcake Lady, Trunk Monkey,

and Poker Room Videos


Poker Room 1

Poker Room 2

Poker Room 3

Poker Room 4

Beer Boy 1

Beer Boy 2

Beer Boy3

Beer Boy 4

Beer Boy 5

Beer Boy 6

Trunk Monkey 1

Trunk Monkey 2

Trunk Monkey 3

Trunk Monkey 4

Trunk Monkey 5

Trunk Monkey 6

The Fruitcake Lady 1

The Fruitcake Lady 2

The Fruitcake Lady 3

The Fruitcake Lady 4

The Fruitcake Lady 5


Clips From TV Shows



Microwave of Death

The Kid From Brooklyn

A Big Deck

Tits for Tots


McCain Sings Streisand

Sexual Harassment and You

Where Boners Go To Die

Saturday Night Live

Lawn Chair Drill Team

Larry at Home Depot

Scrotum Scrub

The Nut Bra

Let's Talk

Crack Spackle


SNL Watch List

Lady Sitters

Oops, I Crapped My Pants

Copper Clappers

Top Gun SNL Style

Italian Car Salesman

Wife School

Beaver's Restaurant


Garden Tools

Tattoo Removal

Dog Lawyer

Snake Charmer




FOX Sports 1

FOX Sports 2

FOX Sports 3

The Birth of Golf

Sumo Commercial 1

Sumo Commercial 2

Pepsi Commercial

Referee Training

Tiger Woods in Caddy Shack


And All the Rest



Man in Line

Hyundai Commercial

Best Airline Commercial

John's Old Ford Job

Texas Tech Bell Ringer

Two Guys

Think Before Committing

Beckham Video

Your Wife Called

Too Much to Drink

Soap Commercial


The Moon Landing

Second Hand Smoke

Chicken Sumo

Rock and Roll Forever

Cheating on Exams

Orange County Choppers

Mikado Candy

Mikado Copy Machine

Piano Duet

My Mom Said I Could

Working at Home

Home Security

Fat People

Dungeons and Dragons

Got Milk?

Bring Enough Cash

Robbery Foiled

Visa Check Card


Tidy Up

Why Kids Move Out

Old Men Need Cell Phones

Not as it Seems

The Hot Tub

Fun in Iraq

The Seventh Son

Cell Phone Commercial

The Cat Did It

The Driving Range Guy

Tabasco Tan Line

Get That Extra Power

Rubber Band

I Hate Mondays

Old People Having Fun

AOL Commercial

Women Drivers


Hot Ass

Sleeping Late in China

Apartment Hunting

A Really Bad Day

Elephants and Memory

You're Being Robbed

Safety Video

Pepsi Mafia Style

The Romantic

Bike Rack

Kill the Cat


Remember Baghdad Bob


Home Improvement


VW Commercial

Evil Penguin

A Bad Day

Hold my Beer

Dancing Dog

Caught on Webcam

The Dressing Room

The Hitchhiker

Another Blind Date

Out of Fries

Think Big

Low Fat Tuna

Parking Lot Rage

Clean Your Glasses

Change Your Course

Damn That's Small

Ice Cream

Cell Phones

The Auction

Umbrella Ad


O'Reilly's Pub

News from Iraq

Lovin' You

Super Granny

Adapt Pinky

Free STD Test

Got Insurance?

Boxer Shorts

Lose your Car?

Dodge Commercial


Wisconsin Winter

Japanese Baby

The New Guy

Old Folks


Redneck Waterskiing

Ballet Class


Flying Grandma

Thirsty Monkeys

Copier Problems

More Romance

Breast Feeding



The Race




Junk Links


Stupid Videos


Ed Baum's World


Big Boys


Strange Cosmos


Al Lowe's Humor Site


The Fruitcake Lady


Jib Jab




Funny Videos


Drakes Hangout


Beer Commercials


Goofy Games

on the Internet


Smack The Penguin


Miniature Golf


Test Your Parking


Quail Hunting School


Throw Paper


Bubble Wrap




Audio Clips

And Other Stuff


Telemarketers Nightmare


Atta Girl Knee Pads


Aussie Radio Joke


Mr. I've Been in the Navy Since Breakfast Guy




Jack Schitt


Drunk Bear


Strangers on my Flight


I Just  Don't Look Good

Naked Anymore


Vibrator Recall


Toyota Ad


Conjugal Visit


San Francisco Radio


Phone Call Gone Bad














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Pointless Family Photo




Looking for Camel Toads






Good ol' Lisa





Where was this store

when I needed it





Ain't that the Truth




Great T-Shirt






If he did it, so can I





Amazing Resemblance




Just One Drink per Employee








When you are in deep trouble, say nothing, and try to look inconspicuous...







Why Republicans do better.




Took the wife shopping




The Chappaquiddick Plan




Customer Service





How to spot a rich guy.






Neverland Overnighter





A Fitting Memorial






The German Pope's

first major change.







Redneck Jet Bike







Enterprising Individual



The Final Chapter





I knew there had to be a book.






Gas Prices got you down?










The Navy's newest Submarine

USS Jimmy Carter








Caught on a Webcam

in the Capital Building







Beer Study





Why doesn't Iowa have a

Professional Football Team?


Because then Minnesota

would want one too.



What do you call a

Minnesota Viking

with a Super Bowl Ring?


A Thief.










Gotta love Green Bay Fans







No explanation required.






Miracle Tsunami Survivor

They found this woman 100 miles offshore.  She was floating and treading water for three days. 

How she did it is unknown.






And you think your job sucks.





Tragic Road Accident

Once again alcohol was involved





Would you ring this Doorbell?





And that's how they came to be




Married Man Magazine











Cultural Differences



When Life Just Blows






The Perfect Woman




Finally, a bar I can drink in




Michael Moore trying to get some





Tim Allen from Home Improvement

on Martha Stewart:

  "Boy, I feel safer now that she's behind bars.  OJ & Kobe are walking
  around; Osama Bin Laden too, but they take the one woman in America
 willing to cook, clean and work in the yard and haul her ass to jail."






Honesty is the best policy




More Honesty





No explanation required




Any port in a storm




Probably tastes like fish




No explanation required











Philippine SUV




The proper art of

drinking beer




Riding Lawn Mower for

the Wife




Man of the Year










Not Surprising News





An Olympic Moment

Brought to you by the Brazil Beach Volleyball Team




Plumbers Truck





The Last Word




Safer in Iraq





No explanation required.




Probably not, he's too busy looking

for his wife's real killer.



Received an email from the owner

of the copyright of the picture I

had posted here.

The dumb asshole would rather

I remove the picture than provide

a Link to his on-line catalog and

give him some free advertising

So the picture is gone, hope you had

the opportunity to download it


Friends don't let friends

drive drunk.