Tomi Fujiyama returns to the CPO Club





After 30 Years Tomi Fujiyama returned to the CPO Club in Yokosuka and she's just as good if not better than she always was.  Above is a photo of her around 1975 playing with Glenn Barbee and the "Stateside Ramblers" below are pictures of her back on stage in the CPO Club on 28 January 2006, it was an outstanding show.  Joshua Bishop, a filmmaker who is in the process of filming a documentary on Tomi, flew in from New York to film the performance and interview some of us old farts who remember Tomi from the old days.  Two trailers from the documentary are available at MBS Productions, the second one is best, but be forewarned, it's a 59 Megabyte download so it'll take awhile, but worth the wait.

Tomi Fujiyama and Glenn Barbee singing  "Jackson" circa 1975

Thanks to Ed Mitchell for the below pictures and Glenn Barbee for the above photo and the song.  And a special thanks to Tomi for a great show, Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita.

































































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