Subic Bay Trip 2008


Made a trip to Subic October 30 ~ 9 November, Bill Taylor Jr. and Bob Price came in from Pensacola, Bill Taylor Sr. from Ohio, Mike Hamik from Nebraska, Tommy Shrader and Jim Benton from Singapore.  A few of the others pictured below are  Shorty Phillips, Terry Braxton, Arne Larson, Jim Saulter, Mike Gallant and the Porch Monkeys; Larry Musick, Sam Houston, Dan Dykes, Tony and Dennis.



Group Photos








































Barrio Barretto





































































Arizona Hotel (Former location of Uncle Bob's)

and Treasure Island Hotel on Baloy Beach















Del Pilar Street and Marmont Hotel (now basically a toilet)













Main Gate, CPO Club and CPO Barracks



























Various Shots around the base, including the Exchange, Officers Club

MOTU Thirteen, some new Hotels and Restaurants.

























































The Olongapo Mall located by

Gordon Avenue actually has

two working escalators.


All the bars left are Filipino

bars with the exception of

the American Legion and

OB's located by the New Ever
















































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